CodacyPulse [beta]
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Bring quality and
productivity together

Get a full understanding of your team’s potential by coupling
Codacy’s quality standards with Pulse’s team productivity insights

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Overall Performance
Deployment frequency
12 / day
Lead time for changes
23 hours
Median time to recover
9 hours
Change failure rate
2% deployments

Codacy is working on combining the quality insights you already have with the productivity insights you need

Codacy focuses on

Code quality & standardization

Codacy helps you control your coding standards, track your quality evolution and getting actionable results.

Pulse focuses on

Quality of your team practices

Pulse gives you high-level visibility of your organization's performance and the quality of your Engineering practices

Focus on outcomes by reporting delivery lead time, deployment frequency, time to restore service, and change failure rate

Use cases

Report Engineering
OKRs with data

Identify reviews before
they become blockers

Prioritize your investment
in process improvement

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Pulse is currently in an Open Beta!
We'd love for you to try it out and give us your feedback.

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