CodacyPulse [beta]
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Guide your team to
full engineering performance

Support the continuous improvement of your engineering teams
with data-driven insights on how to deliver quality faster.

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Accelerate Dashboard

Focus on outcomes rather than outputs by measuring delivery performance with delivery lead time, deployment frequency, time to restore service, and change fail rate.

based on DORA's State of DevOps and the Accelerate book

See all the main engineering metrics in one place

High performers constantly use the key metrics described in the Accelerate book to make decisions faster.

Get visibility of your organization performance

When an organization grows beyond one team, the engineering leader loses track of day-to-day work and starts relying on indicators and /or 1:1 meetings with team representatives.

Know where to improve

Accelerate your transformation by improving the key capabilities that drive software delivery performance.

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Pulse is currently in an Open Beta!
We'd love for you to try it out and give us your feedback.

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